About Us

"At ILTS Prep, we transform ambitions into achievements. We offer aspiring education professionals in Illinois a comprehensive exam preparation platform that mimics real exam conditions. Our insights and feedback enable you to sharpen your skills, making your ambition a reachable goal."


Your Launchpad to Education Excellence

Welcome to ILTS Prep – We are a team of seasoned educators and certification experts dedicated to helping aspiring teachers achieve their professional goals. Our mission is to provide high-quality, accessible study resources that enable students to pass their ILTS exams with confidence. Combining years of educational experience with a deep understanding of the ILTS exam structure, we deliver the best preparation tools available to ensure your success.

What Sets Us Apart?

Tailored Study Plans

Understanding that every student has unique learning needs, ILTS Prep offers personalized study plans that adapt to your individual goals and pace. Our adaptive learning system evaluates your initial performance and customizes your study path to focus on areas that need the most improvement, ensuring you maximize your study time and achieve the best results.

Up-To-Date Content

Staying current with the latest exam standards is essential. At ILTS Prep, we regularly update our content to reflect the most recent changes in ILTS exam formats and subjects. This commitment to providing up-to-date materials ensures that you are studying the most relevant and accurate information, preparing you effectively for the actual exams.

Expert Guidance and Mentorship

Our team of expert educators and experienced professionals is here to guide you through every step of your ILTS exam preparation. They provide personalized feedback, answer your questions, and offer insights that go beyond the basics, helping you understand complex concepts and apply them effectively. This mentorship ensures that you are not only prepared for the exams but also equipped with the knowledge to excel in your teaching career.

Why Choose ILTS Prep?

Test Your Knowledge

Access a vast array of practice questions that mirror the format and rigor of actual ILTS exams. Each question is crafted to challenge your understanding and enhance your knowledge.

Correct & Incorrect Answers Provided

Receive complete and instant feedback on your answers, with detailed explanations. Understanding why an answer is correct or incorrect is crucial for deep learning and retention so you know exactly where to focus.

Unlimited Exam Attempts

Practice makes perfect.Benefit from unlimited attempts at our practice exams, allowing you to study at your own pace and continuously improve.

Emailed Results

We don't just provide feedback; we offer insights. After each test session, receive a detailed breakdown of your performance via email, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses.


Trusted by Students

“ILTS Prep made passing the Physical Education exam possible for me. The practice questions were thorough and closely to the actual exam content, while the detailed explanations clarified complex physical education concepts. The unlimited attempts were essential for building my confidence. The emailed results provided valuable feedback to guide my study sessions.”

Josh T.

“ILTS Prep was a game-changer for passing the Elementary Education (Grades 1-6) exam. The comprehensive practice questions and detailed feedback for each answer were crucial in reinforcing my knowledge of elementary education. The unlimited exam attempts gave me the flexibility to practice until I felt fully prepared. The emailed results helped me track my progress and adjust my study plan effectively.”

Grace L.

“ILTS Prep was instrumental in helping me pass the Director of Special Education exam. The practice questions covered all necessary special education administration principles, and the detailed explanations clarified my understanding of the material. The unlimited exam attempts were essential for building my confidence. The emailed results provided valuable feedback to guide my study sessions.”

Courtney M.

“ILTS Prep’s resources were critical in helping me pass the School Psychologist exam. The practice questions were thorough and closely aligned with the actual exam, while the detailed feedback helped me understand various psychological principles. The unlimited exam attempts allowed me to practice as much as needed. The emailed results provided clear guidance on where to concentrate my efforts.”

Stephen G.